Author: Brad Fox

What Commercial Architects Can Offer

Many people assume that they will be able to find what they need already built in the marketplace. This is not always the case. There are many new buildings being built every single day and they all offer almost the same exact design. They may be painted different colours and they may be furnished on…

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Manufactured Housing Is A Great Choice For Senior Housing

Manufactured housing has several properties which make it a great choice for senior housing. Compact size and manageability, smaller yards requiring less maintenance, and affordability are the biggest attractions to people facing retirement years. Doing a little research online, in the classified section, or even through a realtor will provide seniors with adequate information to…

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Construction Techniques for Granite Buildings

Since the Egyptian era, monuments and structures were built by the workers using granite stone. Several kinds of minerals in granite’s chemical composition makes it a durable and coarse-grained rock. Moreover, it comes in a wide choice of colours. In order to create durable yet elegant structures, most of the contractors and architects prefer granite…

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